Katse dam accommodation here, we are situated just above the waters edge., not just fancy premises, but also fancy service, free and secured.


Feel free to use of IT prospects in our premises, everything is good as done by a client. We have available WI-FI access for you Free of charge.

Love for you

Not only the fact that this is a business, but it is also a network center for people from various continents, thus we love our clientele

Tour guidance

We happily guide our visitors into arriving safely into our premises, like clear directions and many more.

about us

Umbrella guest house are a most advanced guest house situated in the north Eastern Lesotho in the katse dam banks; Ha Lejone Leribe offering the best accommodation service, not only Lesotho people can witness how proffesional we are in terms of good service. Our values state that our services are offered by the most admired personnel who always say "clientele first".

Where we come from

Umbrella guest house offers best accommodation in the Lesotho highlands on the banks of the Katse Dam, it is only Affordable Lesotho accommodation.Our co-founders founded this worthwhile place in the year 2005; since then we still put our clientele first up until today while we came to operation. We welcome our visitors and usually take them to as our very first priority.

we urge you to reach our premises or just contac us as to see how efficient we can be towards our customers with our professional call consultancy and cool guidance till you reach our fancy grounds in the mountain kingdom of lesotho.

We provide luxurious accommodation for people, local and abroad especially those who visit our tourist attractive places that include Katse dam. Umbrella's location is your first attractive place, whereby we are on the banks of the katse dam. Your First view is Katse dam's Maliba matso river under our feet. Our mission is to provide brilliant services to the tourists and travellers on daily basis(24 hours per 7 days of the week) as well as uprading the tourism infrastructure in the territory and the country itself. .

Accommodation in our grounds

Single rooms

Enjoy your night in our SINGLE roomed house for this coming holiday for just M400.00 per night. food and beverages excluded On order it is M520.00

Double rooms

Enjoy your night in our double roomed house for this coming holiday for just M460.00 per night. food and beverages excluded AND M620.00 order.

Triple roomed accommodation

Enjoy your night in our triple roomed house for this coming holiday for just M700.00 per night and M1,150.00 order. food and beverages excluded

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If you have a quick enquiry, you can refer to our contact page or quick take your phone, hit us here +266 27059004

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How was your Umbrela a month ago? Like that Festival (MALUTI CULTURAL FESTIVAL)? Many of you say it has to be every year, what is your viewpoint? Kindly subscribe to our youtube channel.

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