Enjoy your holiday in Lesotho's Katse dam valleys.

Why choose us

Umbrella guest house is a famous and luxurious accommodation at katse dam for the holidays that offers professional and quality service in terms of food and beverages as well as self catering Umbrella is your place for honeymoon, wedding and some many more special occasions. we are your bridge to exploration of this mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

Umbrella guest house is the main hub for katse dam visitors. we are located in the Ha Lejone village, the first peri urban township village in the mountains of Lesotho with numerous tourist attractive places like Lejoe-Motho (Stone-person), Katse Dam various slopes and many more. Umbrella Guest House was established in the year 2005 and well registered in the ministry of trade and industry under the ministry of tourism. Since company's genesis, all the tourists and travelers who had their time with us still want to share the mountainthe mountain views with us.

Our professional experience

We have professionally experienced personnel that include chefs,operations, call center e.t.c





Community Harmony


Clientele life and fun


Our Team

Catering Staff

Smart staff as this ones are the ones to face the visitors during your arrival, believe us, we are friendly


Our operations staff responsible into day to day responsibilities.

cleaning Staff

This clean place is the result of our cleaning team. in our place you are home and dry.

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